Your coaches

The founders of our Water-Ski Centre, Dimitri & Trisha Kourounis, with long experience in the sport together with our new partner Dimitri ( Local ) Frantzis will be your Coaches,

Is Greek and a very technical coach, with his contagious enthusiasm he
has regularly been the Greek and Cypriot team Coach and also many other European team members.
His goal is to help skiers improve performances and still enjoying skiing




Was born in England but has lived in Greece since her early 20s
She became involved in Water Skiing through Dimitri and started competing in 1985 she went on to become Greek slalom champion and record holder in the open division for many years’
She started competing in Senior division and again has been European Champion many times.
her highlights was when competing on 45 plus division she got Gold in the Slalom the Worlds Trophy tour in Germany and the Europeans in France


Dimitri Local
Lived in Porto Heli when he was a boy (hence the nickname) He has been involved in Waterskiing since very young. Has trained himself here and later coached at our site for many years. He is a Senior short line Slalom skier and a very good Jumper. Dimitri is now a partner in the Ski Centre.